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Session Dark This beer is somewhere between an english dark mild and German pils. Roasty on the front end. Hoppy, but not too bitter. Finishes crisp to coerce you into another sip. 4.0% 

Amber Ale If it's not obvious yet, we love Session Beers! This Amber ale is a delightfully easy drinker, with enough malt complexity to keep it interesting. Medium bitterness and rounded mouthfeel. 4.0%

Hefeweizen Classic notes of banana and clove present themselves in the aroma and flavor profile of this quaffable brew. We use German Hersbrucker hops to create an authentic representation of the style. 4.8%

Festbier German Lager Made for the warm months of Summer that linger into Fall, this easy-drinking lager was made with European variety barley grown and malted in Colorado, delicately hopped with Czech Saaz hops for a traditional flavor. Make any day a Fest with this crispy bier! 5.3%

Pale Ale Citra hopped Pale Ale 6.0%

Electric Bluegrass IPA For this brew we toned down our Electric Blues Grain bill, lowering the ABV, while maintaining the hop profile. With the 3 C's (Cascade, Centennial, and Chinook), you can expect traditional hop flavors, with a modern San Diego grain profile. 6.4%  

1st Anniversary Fresh Hop IPA Fresh Hop season is here! Rejoice in it with this lovely IPA made with 60lbs of freshly harvested Strata Hops from the Willamette Valley, OR grown by Crosby Hops. Aromas of Passion fruit and dank/ resinous qualities carry through into the flavor. Medium bitterness helps to deliver a satisfying mouthfeel. We are stoked on this brew! 6.5%

La Cheve Sin Limon This fan favorite brew is back! Still citrusy and crisp, but with a little added abv. 6.5%

Midnight Ale We are classifying this beer as a San Diego Style Black Ale, meaning it is slightly hoppier and less full-bodied than a typical American Stout. Don't let the opaque black appearance scare you away from this delightful brew. Roasty upfront with an easy-going bitterness and medium mouthfeel. The flavor and aroma leap from roast to a lingering pine-forward hop experience. 6.6%

Nut Brown Ale Necessity is the mother of invention. We certainly didn't invent the brewing of raw ales (for hundreds of years, beer was made without a true boiling element). With this in mind, we decided to experiment and forego the boiling step, going from mash straight to whirlpool, skipping the boiling step. Flavors of nutty barley and forest pine from Chinook hops. 6.9%

Orange Country Juicy IPA Collaboration brew with our friends at Los Molinos Beer Co in San Clemente. This delightfully hoppy, strong yet quaffable beer is sure to satisfy. Hopped with Citra and Zappa hops. 7.8%

Strong Blonde Balanced and easy-drinking ale with low hop flavor and bitterness. 8.0%

STOKED Imperial IPA This strong beer showcases a smooth mouthfeel and soft hoppiness that lingers on the palate. We utilized a hop oil that lends a very clean bitterness that balances the extra large grain bill of American base malt and German specialty malts. Amarillo in the dry hop adds an extra depth of flavor. Very balanced. 9.0%