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Burn Steady Pale Lager made with Barke heritage barley for the majority of the grist, through Weyermann Maltings out of Bamberg Germany. Hopped with Czech variety Saaz for a classic noble hop flavor and aroma. Supremely quaffable! 4.0%

Porter This beer style has ebbed and flowed throughout history; sometimes being sour, or intensely dark and smoky, or strong and sweet. We like to think of Porter as an accompaniment to the worker; satisfying one's thirst yet not creating unsafe conditions should said worker, continue working. That's right, we like our Porter on the lower spectrum of alcohol and to refresh the palate, not weigh it down. Roast upfront with slight smokiness yielding to a surprisingly light finish. 4.8%

Greek Pale Ale Collaboration brew with the amazing family behind Lafkas Brewery on the island of Crete of the Greek Islands. We took our approach to San Diego Pale Ale, using Chico yeast and of course San Diego water, and mixed it with some Motueka hops and an Orange essential oil brought over from Crete. Expect a smooth but crisp beer with a hint of orange citrus. 5.9%

SD Pilsner German grown Barley (Weyermann Extra Premium Pilsner with a touch of Carafoam) and a mix of Saaz and Cascade hops in the kettle create the base for a nice pilsner beer. Mosaic hops at about 2lbs per bbl in the dry hop transform this crisp and easy gulping pilsner into a flavor bomb. 5.9%

La Cheve 3rd annual collab with Los Golferos made with craft pilsner barley malt, US grown Cascade hops and local bear limes all cool fermented with lager yeast that yields a smooth and refreshing beer suitable from the golf course to the beach and everywhere in between! 6%

Mixed Berry Seltzer Light and refreshing hard seltzer flavored with a mix of Raspberry, Blueberry, Boysenberry and Strawberries for a delicious blend of sweet and tart. 6%

Blood Orange Hazy IPA This Oat heavy IPA is made with heaps of Southern Cross hops in both the kettle and dry hop. Local blood oranges (courtesy of our neighbor Robert!) were juiced and added post-ferment for a truly special juicy/ Hazy IPA. 6.8%

Electric Blues IPA West Coast IPA made with lemony and slightly fruity Cascade and Citra hops fermented clean and crisp with a modern San Diego IPA grain profile. 7.2%

Don Piña IPA Collab with our good friend The Hop Don! Crafted with Pineapple from the Amoretti line of Artisan flavors. Hopped in the whirlpool with Idaho 7 and Citra in the dry hop to bring more tropical fruit aroma and flavor to this seasonal IPA. 7.3%

White Sage IPA Honorably harvested local white sage pushes this approachable IPA into the realm of the "different" while keeping it supremely drinkable and interesting. Local Favorite. 7.7%   

Strong Blonde This beer takes blonde ale to a new level, while remaining drinkable and tasty. Low hop bitterness and flavor allows the bready barley flavors to slow-dance on your taste buds. 8.6%

My Precious TIPA, or Triple IPA, made in collaboration with talented local homebrewers John Bell and Chris van Hamersveld. This hefty brew utilizes New Zealand grown hop varieties Southern Cross and Pacific Jade (hence the Lord of the Rings reference) to lend a tropical fruit component to an otherwise balanced beer. 10.4%

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Lager Smooth and easy going beer made with the finest German barley and US grown noble type hops. We kept it cool (48*f) the entire fermentation and diacetyl rest period. As always, we spund to capture the natural carbonation at the end of fermentation and gave this beer a looong cold conditioning before it made it's way to your glass. 4.7%

Roadrunner IPA We brought back the recipe for one of the first beers poured here (actually a contract brew from our friends at Culver Beer Co), but made it a bit more sessionable with the omission of cane sugar. CTZ and Centennial Hops in the kettle, with Cascade and Chinook in the dry hop. Old school hop aroma and flavor with a lean and light body. 6.2%

SD Pilsner Batch #2 of this hoppy Pilsner is leaning more towards the pilsner side than the first batch. We still use German grown Barley (Weyermann Extra Premium Pilsner and some Vienna) with Cascade hops in the kettle to create an old world meets west coast pilsner base. We dry hopped with Mosaic to bring even more West Coast influence into this crisp and easy gulping pilsner. 5%