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On Tap

Golden Ale A crisp and easy drinking beer made with American ale yeast and a touch a Crystal 40 specialty malt for added body. 4.0%

Coffee Golden Ale We took our Golden Ale and cold conditioned it on whole, medium roast, coffee beans from our friends at Leap Coffee. This process extracts the aroma and flavor of the coffee with minimal caffeine. A true Breakfast Beer. 4%

Session Dark This is likely the most quaffable beer on the menu. Roasty on the front end. Hoppy, but not too bitter. Finishes crisp to coerce you into another sip. 4.0% 

Porter The original working class beverage; our take on the Porter style aims to quench the thirst of all the hardworking folks of North County San Diego, without weighing you down. Slight roast and smokiness on the front palate melds into a smooth and crisp mouthfeel. 4.2%

Brown Ale Flavorful yet approachable, our brown ale utilizes UK grown and malted barley paired with PNW grown Willamette and Centennial hops. 5.2%

La Cheve We collaborated with an awesome local group named Los Golferos to brew an easy drinking Mexican style beer for the golf course, or wherever your thirst needs quenching. We used a "new" Norwegian origin yeast strain called Lutra that produces Psuedo-lager style beers when fermented at ale temperatures. The beer has a beautiful orange glow with a citrusy aroma. 5.3%

La Cheve with Lime We juiced a dozen limes, skin and all, and added it to 1 bbl of La Cheve. The resulting beer is insanely crisp and drinkable. This won't be around long. 5.3%

Oat Pale Ale Pale ales are alive and well at Blue Fire! For this brew we seek out the creamy textures that flaked and malted oats lend to beer, and hop it similar to a session IPA. The resulting beer is light yet flavorful, with a firm bitterness and tropical fruit notes from the El Dorado and Mosaic dry hop. 5.7% 

Pale Ale Classic flavors come through in this malty but crisp pale ale. It's a mix between an English and old-school California style pale ale. 6%

Prickly in Pink Hazy IPA This is a collaboration brew with some amazing ladies from the San Diego Pink Boots Society chapter. This non-profit organization aims to Assist, Inspire and Encourage Females and non-binary professionals in the fermented and alcoholic beverage industries, and they are awesome individuals! Our Hazy IPA was made with the 2022 Pink Boots hops blend and Prickly Pear Puree to yield a beer with a mélange of tangerine and grapefruit citrus in the aroma and flavor, smooth mouthfeel with a crisp finish. 6.0%

Midnight Lager This brew is roasty upfront with an easy-going bitterness and creamy mouthfeel thanks to the German Lager yeast. The flavor and aroma leap from roast to a lingering pine-forward hop experience. Nice and complex without being overly complicated. 6.2%

Something Hoppy For this brew we took our Electric Blues Grain bill and toned it down a bit, then light-handedly hopped the brew solely with Nugget hops to showcase all it can bring to a beer. We get notes of lemon citrus with a delicate herbal quality. Crisp and refreshing. 6.3%

Raw Ale Necessity is the mother of invention. We certainly didn't invent the brewing of raw ales (for hundreds of years, beer was made without a true boiling element), but it was a necessity when we found ourselves halfway through a brew of an amber ale and our burner decided not to work. We decided to commence forward with the brew. Flavors of nutty barley and forest pine from Chinook hops in this unique brew. 6.9%

SDBG Juicy IPA Our house Juicy style IPA is back with a helping of El Dorado hops to compliment the tropical and citrusy Zamba, which is the 2022 San Diego Brewers Guild Hop Blend. Hoppy, not Bitter, and very drinkable. 7.2%

Electric Blues Classic West Coast IPA. This is our 5th iteration of the brew, and we increased the bitterness without making it a tongue crusher. Flavors and aromas of pine, citrus and green goodness are balanced by a subtly sweet body. 7.5% 

White Sage IPA Our fan-favorite brew is back! In this, the third iteration of our White Sage IPA, we kept the grain bill the same but switched the hops to a combination of Nugget for bittering, and CTZ for flavor and aroma. The result is an herbaceous and piney IPA with a noticeable, but not overbearing, quality of fresh White Sage. 7.7%

Strong Blonde This beer is crafted to be easy drinking and approachable. It carries a smooth and light maltiness with an addition of Sterling hops for balance. English Ale Yeast adds an extra nuance of character. 8%

STOKED Imperial IPA This strong beer showcases a smooth mouthfeel and soft hoppiness that lingers on the palate. We utilized a hop oil that lends a very clean bitterness that balances the extra large grain bill of American base malt and German specialty malts. Amarillo in the dry hop adds an extra depth of flavor. Very balanced. 9%