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Oktoberfest Amber Lager Low abv Lager brewed for Oktoberfest and the transition from Summer to Autumn here in sunny San Marcos, CA. The intention for this beer is to bring the signature toasted sweet bread character of US-style Oktoberfest beers into a more sessionable range. Vienna and dark Munich malts bring malt complexity and a touch of De-husked roasted barley adds a subtle chocolate aroma to this 100% German Barley malt bill. 4.0%  

Lager Bier Crisp, clean and easy-drinking lager made with 100% German Pilsner malted barley and Saaz hops. It's our standard Lager, made a bit more German for Oktoberfest season. 4.8% 

Raspberry Seltzer This seltzer was made possible through a donation of raspberries by Rodney Kawano Farms, the local grower whom we team up with to bring delicious produce to our neighborhood each week (check out our Instagram post for the weekly pickups on Wednesdays). This refreshing and gulpable seltzer pours a beautiful red color and tastes as fresh and pure as the raspberries it's made from! 5.2%

Paradise Pale Ale Smooth and hoppy beer brewed with pilsner malt and New Zealand grown hops. Hazy and bright gold in color. This beer will take you to your hoppy place, without the tongue coating bitterness. 5.5%

Belgian Pale Ale A base of North American pilsner malt and a blend of wheat products gives a clean and light body to this Cascade Dry-hopped pale ale fermented with an expressive Belgian yeast strain. Complex yet easy drinking. 5.9%

Hazy IPA Pilsner malt base teams up with Motueka hops to create a refreshing and lime-citrus forward hoppy beer with medium bitterness and a lean palate. Not sweet, very drinkable. 6.7%

2nd Anniversary Strata Fresh Hop IPA Harvest season in the northern hemisphere means we get to use fresh, unprocessed hops to brew up a special beer to tap for our 2nd Anniversary coming up on Saturday September 23rd. This year, we brought in Strata hops via IndieHops and their partner Goschie Farms in Silverton, OR. The base beer is a simple blend of 2-row and Pilsner barley and we used over 65lbs of fresh, fantastic smelling strata hops post boil to infuse a glorious hop bouquet into this quaffable brew. 6.8%

White Sage IPA Honorably harvested local white sage pushes this approachable IPA recipe into the realm of the "different" while keeping it supremely drinkable and interesting. Local Favorite. 7.7%  

Belgian Strong Blonde Balanced and easy-drinking strong blonde ale with low hop flavor and bitterness. For this rendition we used an expressive Belgian yeast strain which contributes delicate banana flavor to this dangerously drinkable beer. 9.6%