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On Tap

Amber Ale A delightfully easy drinker, with enough malt complexity to keep it interesting. Medium bitterness and rounded mouthfeel. 4.0%

Smashing Brown Ale Quaffable, roasty-n-toasty brown ale made with traditional English malted barley and hops, fermented with California Ale yeast to create a complex but easy drinking brew. 4.8%

Lager Crisp and easy drinking lager made with Bohemian Floor Malted Barley and noble hops. Tastes like Beer! 5%

Raspberry Lemonade Seltzer Crisp and clean hard seltzer with a nice fruity note without being too sweet. 5%

Kiwi Orange Kombucha Our first foray into the land of commercial kombucha brewing. Small batch. Not too funky. Going to be gone soon. 5%

Paradise Pilsner Smooth and hoppy lager beer brewed with pilsner malt and New Zealand grown hops. This beer will take you to your hoppy place, without the tongue coating bitterness. 6%

Electric Bluegrass IPA For this brew we toned down our Electric Blues Grain bill, lowering the ABV, while maintaining the hop profile. With the 3 C's (Cascade, Centennial, and Chinook), you can expect traditional hop flavors, with a modern San Diego grain profile. 6.4%  

Midnight Ale We are classifying this beer as a San Diego Style Black Ale, meaning it is slightly hoppier and less full-bodied than a typical American Stout. Don't let the opaque black appearance scare you away from this delightful brew. Roasty upfront with an easy-going bitterness and medium mouthfeel. The flavor and aroma leap from roast to a lingering pine-forward hop experience. 6.6%

Nut Brown Ale For hundreds of years, beer was made without a true boiling element. With this in mind, we decided to experiment and forego the boiling step, going from mash to whirlpool to ferment. Flavors of nutty barley and forest pine from Chinook hops come through in this experimental/ historical brew. 6.9%

Idaho 7 IPA  American IPA brewed with a huge dose of Idaho 7 hops in the whirlpool and dry hop gives a nice Tangerine note that carries through the entire gulp. Some Flaked and Malted White Wheat in the grist of primarily North American 2Row barley gives it a nice full body without making it too sweet. 7.8%

Strong Blonde Balanced and easy-drinking strong blonde ale with low hop flavor and bitterness. Customer favorite 8.0%